Thursday, 2 August 2012

semakin dekat..

Assalamualaikum wbt semua :)
semoga sihat-sihat selalu dan sentiasa dalam rahmatNya selalu, amin..
today is already 13th of Ramadhan, time goes so fast till we don't remember what we had for yesterday and yesterday because we have to think of the future, that's what I think :D

and now I am counting the days for me to back home.. please move faster and faster !! I can't wait to see my sweet family :) a week more.. oh my heheeee

what is the thing that is 'semakin dekat' ? death? the end of our life? it is unnoticed 'event' that each of us are compulsory to attend,huhu.. because it has no time set, like our date to back home, to submit assignment, our birthday date and so on.. huhu sangat menginsafkan bila kita ingat kematian semakin dekat dengan kita, yet we still not aware of it. people keep busy with the materialistic things days by days as they can bring it all to the hereafter.. thus, me myself should remind myself first about our amalan and ibadat towards ALLAH swt and book ticket to jannah,amin~ it is also important to share our knowledge with others, friends and family members. huu I want together with them again, I love them !

next thing is the Raya celebration is also semakin dekat ! Marilah kita sama-sama menjayakan 1 Syawal dengan baik dan penuh kesederhanaan, cuba fikir golongan yang tidak berupaya untuk menyambutnya dengan meriah. x perlu tengok jauh2, just look our relatives first.. if ada yang tidak berkemampuan please help them ! and aku pun niat nak give all my baju kurung yang dh x muat kat sedara-sedaraku, share the happiness !! ^^, dengan harapan supaya kami sama-sama dapat keberkatan & keredhaan di bulan mulia ini..

susah tengok picture, hope ada orang sudi ajarkan nanti teringin nak belajar ! 

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