Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dia sukakan perhatian..

that's right..
she loves when peoples around her
care about her, in a right manner..
and not become  toy to others..

She really really hopes that him, her n everyone to treat her nicely
just like she treat him, her and everyone nicely..

"I can be tough, I can be strong,
but with you it's not like that at all.."

this blog is used for me to write all the pieces
exist deep inside my heart..
Don't like ?
so don't read..
Interested ?
my pleasure.. :)

sedeynyer, aku ni maybe ibarat cm kucing lapar tepi jalan la kot..
kadang-kadang dapat makanan, kadang-kadang x makan langsung..
silap-silap mati mcm tu jer..

memang aku saja-saja hantar mesej, x harap suruh balas pun..
time suka baru nak datang..
sincerely, a sad but cute girl, tiara..