Tuesday, 28 June 2011



semalam tid0w pukul 330am lepas chatting ngn MR.HAMSTER~ tup tup pagi ni bangun pukul 900am, wah awal giler ! *mo0d : bangga* senyum hingga ke telinga.. ^______________^ haha,xdak m0tif.. sebab per tid0w lambat? SEBAB HARI INI ADA SATU KELAS JERRR,yakni kelas CHILDREN'S LITERATURE.. jangan jeles u o0lss !! peace yawww~
hehe.. and hari ni f0r the first time aku x pakai baju kurung tanpa sebab, baju kemeja pon bukan, baju batik pon bukan, baju kebaya? lagi laa bukan.. hari ni aku pakai baju pj tanpa sebab,huargh3 jahat giler aku langgar peraturan maktab..*berani kau mentang2 cikgu disiplin xde skunk!!* alaaa, kwn2 ku pon pakai gak tp bukan semua. yang nak main jer ari ni pakai.. aku malas nak berjangok2 p kelas ari nie,walhal satu kelas jer.ceittt... maafkan sy lecturer sebab x pakai baju kurung,ni jer sy mampu..sob sobs sobs... mau tangok baju pj aku? aku bnayk baju pj,mengalahkan budak k0s pj lak aih...
haha..nampak jerawat lagi dari baju tu ! dem..

J.O.Z.A.N !!


salam.. :) hehe, this is my third entry for this week. eventhough i have lots of works to be settled, i still do want to update my blog with no-attractive-title to be put. peace yaww !! 
BACK TO THE ENTRY above, i guess i'm a nerd girl as i am writing gil0 koya straight english language senteces here. sape suh aku jadik cikgu inggeris wey?? *mo0d: unhappy* ~ i didn't even realise that i have been a nerd for so long, since when? since i joined USRAH !! hahahaha~ well, not everybody d0 it okay, n i feel very proud of myself. DO YOU KNOW WHAT USRAH IS? me says : in my opinion, usrah here means we do Islamic Discussion in a big group. such a family. ( usrah - family in Arabic ). we also share many comm0n or uncomm0n things about our Islam in the slot tazkirah. Alhamdulillah. besides, me and my group also do tadabbur, or in Malay membaca ayat Quran together with their translations in Malay. after that we share our favourite sentence in Quran al-Karim to others usrah members. as f0r me, i prefer t0 have sentences that says about Allah's POWERNESS and FATE. i do not like to read the histories in the Quran as i found myself to0 difficult to translate and understand the meanings of the sentences. so, i asked my kak usrah to story2 to me.hehe * cam bedtime st0ry lak*
THE RESULT ? hmm, this is an ouch question okay friends ! *padahal aku sedirik tny* *action : pok pal0*. since foundation i started joined this usrah, i can feel a lil bit of changes and healthy m0ral development, deep in my heart and mind. but we all know, as a human, we can run away from any mistake o sin that we d0ne. but try t0 impr0ve ourselves to make more n more go0od actions so that we can t0p-up and redeem the pahala. n0w i am aware about the 'environment' now so that i did not easily influenced t0 do the bad deeds. but s0metimes i failed * mo0d : sad*
oh Allah, i pray t0 you everyday to give me more strength and courage to walk through the path of LIFE. Give the peoples i love ( parents,family,friends,teAchers)true happiness always and bless them in y0ur hand. Amin~ 
27/6/2011 : had our last usrah with kak Amalina. she is a France student who had already finished her studies so0n, around this year. she is one of the best kak usrah i ever had !! thanks kak. i l0ve you so much,muahh2 !! :)  here she is : 
o0pss candid. comey kak comey *wink2*
n ni ahli usrah kami bersama, semua budax tesl sama batch. m0ga ukhuwwah kita sentiasa berpanjangan yer,insyaAllah~ 

1,2,3 smile !! :) *ni kt umah aku,dat's y aku pakai short-sleeve.huhu*

ni pulak makanan kitoram mk ari tu, s0ooo many2 untill aku bole mkn sahur sbb x abes wey..isk3~

hehe, bestt...
what time is it.. time for the mandi ! ch0w now ! ops, salah.. bye2 n assalamualaikum kawan2 :)