Sunday, 21 August 2011

something that i dont like !!

well, people will going to hate something when
others disturb his or her belongings
without permission !

it turns out to be sucks forever
they ignore our feeling
our honor as a master of the things

why cant you understand ??
i am kind enough to put my things outside, at the kitchen
for all of us to use
dont you have a brain to think??
simply use without permission
is just like a sin

now my wire for my water heater
had gone nowhere
at the time i'm not at home 
where is it?
i love it so much
c0z u know why stupid?
because my mother purposely bought it for me
my mother !!
Its a gift
can you understand my feeling?
im pretty sure you will cry horribly
for 'dissapearring' a gift
from someone that you love...

it's just i didnt know how to cry
the tears wouldnt come
i think i'm determine enough peeps..

please take go0d care of others things just as you take care of your own..
y0u will understand why when u're in the same shoes with me..

okay kat situ xde wayar tapi my water heater is just like that ab0ve~

I Dont have any idea where is it..
how to stir water for break the fast??