Wednesday, 20 June 2012

RINDU..JEALOUS..apa tu??

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to all my buddies,moga sihat fizikal dan mental hendakNya.. :)

hurrmmm.. actually nothing much, its just again I am writing something that is related with me and what had happened for the past few days.. I can deny that we when 'have' someone, kita akan rasa rindu kan? RINDU.. a word that describes everything... feel the lost, but not in our mind.. sometimes it happens when we always and always and again remember someone or something. we are HUMAN, we have such feeling. sorry to say that I miss you since you're missing in action and keep busy for everything there. even it just only 2,3 days since we didn't contact. I've tried, sometimes I succeed but not for other sometimes. keeps struggling to get a peaceful mind, but when I remember Allah I suddenly wake up and then realise that I have to get closer to Him because He will not left me just like that ! :)

today, I am very busy,got class till the evening but luckily sir had let us when back earlier coz he also may need to get a rest. and the weather? as hot as usual, like me..hua3 just kidding mehh !! tutorials? well, getting to burden me day by day, but its alright. that's the point of being a student. build in mind okayyy

Jealous will come strike us when we see someone that we love 'get famous' by one, few or many girls out there that we,ourselves don even know them. even they are just so-called friend. HAHA very funny this kind of thinking. but somehow when he has activate his silent mode, I just sometimes think what he is doing right now, and after that and till he goes to sleep, bhahaha -,- well, to fill up my empty mind maybe.heh
well, girls usually experience this feeling more rather than boys, but don't be too shocked if more and more increasing number will be exist among boys that are jealousy,hihi.. they have their own principles to be jealous. (just my opinion)

but in Islam all these kind of actions or feelings don't really benefit peoples, HEHE okbaii :)

hey you, yes you that are far far far awaayyyyy I'm sorry hehe :P