Thursday, 7 June 2012

A change or many changes

Hye and Assalamualaikum wbt.. Long time no see, isn't it? hew hew hew *trademark baru anak muda*
actually everytime I 'open' my blog, I don't know why, coz I can't really help myself about what to write, what do I want to tell.. SERIOUSLY ! yet, more and more entries are born = =' without specific content and aim.. hurmm~~ again hew hew hew -______-

change, what's that? why peoples do always seem to care most in changing? changed in body size, attitude, personal development and even in communication skill, wow that's include a wide area in life ! In Islam, we are encouraged to change from time to time, trying to approach a better future life heading by following sunnah nabi   and knowledges in Quran al-Karim :)

so,peeps if we want to change our internal matters, means our spiritual or attitude then go on ! :) don't just wait to you turn out to be 30 or 40 years, when you feel you're already old and going to be inserted into the grave.. NO ! that's totally wrong ! God can remove your breathe and make the last breathe anytime.. don't wait your hair turns grey..

I have seen many peoples including my own friends or kawan rapat had changed external and internally. I was like, oh God how amazing You are ! You're the one who helped my friends become good persons and slaves to help their goals in achieving Your-jannah.. I am very grateful ya Rabb ! at last my friends are no more sexy, more polite and so on.. so do I, hehe :D it's quite a good friendship when they know their real responsibilities in managing this kind of relationship.. I will always love my friends ! I'm happy to see they changed ! we do good things together :) good actions that bring peaceful and calmness to ourselves and our ukhuwah, yes ! we want to change to the right path, a path where Allah will like it, loves us..

so, if we want to change according to our Islam says, then we should work harder, not just enough by reading religious things posts in facebook, youtube or in websites.. it must be provided with actions along and refresh our niat everyday :)

may God ease our days and bless us all ! ^_________^